are be beautiful becoming enough osho quote stop teaching you
accept aloneness avoid nature osho quote reality you
action are being change find osho secondary you
becomes bliss canvas empty freedom glory life misery osho piant you
death life live lost man osho quality with you zest zestfulness
comes door god knocks never osho seeking somewhere there you
act be bring experience guided life miss new opportunity osho past responsibly situations spontaneously you
are be encountered eyes herenow ideal no osho present reality you
are happiness meditate moment nomore osho rest running simply there where you
accept aloneness nature osho you
caring existence knack learn osho providing trust ways worried you
aware being capable computer mind not osho overpower possess servant you
bring celebration create do life osho pleasant religious rhythm something song surroundings you
byproduct create creativity happiness happy osho you
agent enough existence interpret message osho you
absence ego know moment osho oshoonego you yourself
fulfilled life live osho potential who you
being future goal here life now osho welcome within you