compassion human judge less more osho others quote understanding witness yourself
compassion human judge osho others stop surprised understanding witness yourself
absence ego know osho yourself
accept capable disappears humanity misery osho other yourself
awareness emptiness energy means meditation nochanting nomantra noobject nosutra osho pure turns upon yourself
aloneness deep live osho relationship totally yourself
being dive existence light osho scriptures search seek teach understanding within your yourself
center find meditate osho relate somebody yourself
be botheration competition misery osho yourself
accept ask dont failure frailties frustrated imperfection judging mistakes osho perfect with yourself
becoming complex contented osho simplicity somebody yourself
be compassionate human judge judging less more osho stop surprised understanding witness yourself
be fulfilled osho yourself
achievement fighting foolish goals here letgo osho simply understanding yourself
dive existence learn osho studied tech understanding within yourself
absence ego know moment osho oshoonego you yourself
cut dance expect feel frustrated future life live osho past present song yourself
depend discover know opinion otherwise people themeselves yourself